The Be Better Project
for Health Professionals
Sponsored by Dr. Pompa and HCF Seminars
Conducted LIVE via interactive teleconference
with program founder, Phil Kaplan
What if an Investment of 3 Hours A Month Could Turn Your Life and Practice into all You’ve Ever Dreamed of? It can!
You Feel Ready, Tired of Settling for Less Than You Deserve.
You Want to:
  • Create a Legendary Practice That Drives Over $100K per month
  • Break Free of the Industry-Imposed Limits that have you locked into a stale model that, at the deepest level, frustrates you
  • Erase Doubt and Uncertainty and Take the Harness off of Your True Potential
  • Unlock the Key to Effortless Prosperity By Returning Fully to the Passion That Drove you to Practice, connecting passion, power, and prosperity to acquire the sense of being unstoppable
This “best kept secret” is ideal for you because...
You’re part of a rare breed
  • You Really Care about Your Patients.  Really.
  • You Have a Heart and Lead From A True Desire to Help Others
  • You Make Peace with the Good You Do, But Privately Admit You JUST HAVE NOT Hit Anywhere Near Your Full Potential
  • You’re Ready To Strengthen, Grow and Accelerate Your Practice Profits, and Love for the Life You Lead Without Any Limitations At All!

Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.PSc.
Co-Founder, HCF Seminars
"Prepare for an 12-month journey that will change you... for the better."
A Note from Dr. Daniel Pompa
When I grew beyond the conventions of a chiropractic practice and found recognition as a success mentor, I realized it was a huge responsibility. Sure, I’d learned some things that turned my career down an amazing path, but as others came to me for advice and direction, I knew I needed to learn more.

I did. And wow, did things take off for me.

Now it’s time for you to experience that same level of ascension, that same climb to living every day in gratitude, joy, and true appreciation for your career, your power, and for those who continue to enter your life.

I’m inviting you... no... urging you to participate in the Be Better Project, an 12-month journey that will literally change everything for the better (and I do mean everything)... but first I want to tell you why.

Through accidents of fate, I met Phil Kaplan, the coach and advisor to some of the top fitness industry icons. I don’t mean half-famous fitness people. I mean the really big big shots, the mega producers who I attach legendary status to, some of the leaders I learned from through their renowned publications and appearances. In short order I recognized Phil’s incredible insight, his persuasion and communication skills, and most of all, his true love for helping successful people with hearts wired for serving others achieve all the juice and reward they’re truly capable of.

After connecting with Phil, I can say in all honesty and without any reservation, he’s been the most influential coach to enter my professional life... ever! Within the short time I’ve known Phil and invited him to speak at our private closed-door Platinum events, he’s personally impacted virtually every one of our Platinum doctors, in some cases prompting boosts in their income of 500%! Honestly! That means they increased earnings FIVE TIMES OVER in a matter of months! Money is one element of the reward he teaches professionals to command, but it’s a small fraction of the whole. In fact, as Phil teaches, when you are paid for helping others better their lives, the money you command is testimony to the number of people you’ve helped and the level at which you’ve helped them.

Phil invited me to his home in Florida to attend one of his “Be Better Family Weekends.” This was a small event at a beautiful private resort where his Be Better graduates convened (as they do each year) to celebrate their achievements and their love for their professions. Only then did I want to know every detail of this Be Better Project. The attendees were truly like a family, all speaking the same language, all gleaming with positivity, each a walking testimony to the power of the program they’d been a part of.

The Be Better Project is in fact a journey that takes place over the course of 12-months. It is unlike any program I’ve ever seen. Phil taps into deep wants, identifies obstacles, and empowers those who go through the journey to literally rewire their minds, their brains, their mindsets, their emotions, and of course, their outcomes. They didn’t just experience shifts, they experienced complete overhauls, rebirths, escalations from struggle to prosperity, and one story was more impressive than the rest.

I want to connect you with Phil. I want you to have access to my secret weapon. He understands the “caring health practitioner” like no success coach I’ve ever seen. His approach resonates with me at such a deep level I feel as if we’re kindred spirits, and you, with the heart of a caring practitioner, deserve more. It is with this knowledge and a want to see you grow that I connect you with my coach, Phil Kaplan. His experience, his wisdom, his passion, and his integrity are unmatched and I felt it vitally important to bring his wisdom to you. It will change your career, your life, your relationships, and your passion for all that you do.

I will tell you that his consulting and coaching fees are out of reach for most practitioners, but when he let me inside his Be Better program I realized this was the gold. I have arranged for Phil to personally deliver the Be Better 12-month Betterment program to you for a ridiculous fraction of his regular fees, for a fragment of the fees our Platinum doctors pay to excel. I invite you as a fellow health practitioner, to put yourself to the test, to tap into your true potential, to step outside of what you know and learn what you’re really capable of.

Prepare for an 12-month journey that will change you... for the better.
Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.PSc.
Register for the Be Better Project
The next Be Better Program is rolling out nationally in December, 2016, and through Dr. Pompa’s urging, is available to a small handful of practitioners for only $397 per-month over the course of 12 months.
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The Be Better Project
The Be Better Project is an extraordinary 12-month curriculum, offered only by invitation, unmatched in the rock solid foundation of achievement science it’s built upon. Be Better is unprecedented in its ability to stimulate radical human potential shifts and human betterment evidence. Most of all, Be Better is unparalleled in the power it delivers to altruistic caring health professionals ready to step into a new realm of personal reward.

It was formulated over the course of ten years with a single purpose in mind. To drive the caring health practitioner, the individual who worked, learned, and studied to someday help others, the practitioner who accepts less than he or she deserves in the quest to fulfill a deep lying passion, recognize true reward. Money, joy, freedom, power. It was developed to empower true healers to happily receive and celebrate in line with the good they do for others.

The Be Better Project is scientific. It accesses studies in psychology, neuroplasticity, motivational triggers, human performance, and business, and the Project relies upon a fail-proof strategy that allows any business founded upon the ideals of bettering the lives of others to prosper. Prosperity, longevity, passion, communication, influence, and achievement are all elements of this program, but unlike any other self-improvement program, this was designed for the practitioner driven by an undying want to make a difference. Despite its “best-kept secret” status, Be Better is tested, proven, and re-proven, again, and again, and again. It was refined by combining education with  quantifiable implementation. It was then proven with a core group of high level health entrepreneurs from around the continent, every willing participant showing stellar growth, every participant stepping into a new balance of output and reward.

Here's a small sampling of what you'll learn:
  • How to identify and maximize the unique traits you possess that give you a massive marketing edge no competitor can touch.
  • How to be extraordinary in position and delivery of service without any pretense, any disingenuous selling, simply optimizing the art of being yourself
  • How to command a level of respect on a pedestal previously reserved for revered medical doctors (you’ll learn about the all-powerful one-way power flow)
  • How to blow away the self-imposed ceiling on earnings dictated by an old tired model not designed for life in 2016
  • How to build a team (not only employees but associates, affiliates, and ambassadors) dedicated to your success, driving new profitability from week to week, month to month
  • How to ensure that the demand continues to grow as your reach increases exponentially
  • How to balance personal life, personal health, and your career while in a growth mode, smiling all the way
  • How to build a business that has sale-appealHow to separate who you are from what you do, creating rewarding and comfortable work/life boundaries
  • How to ensure your passion grows in line with your revenues without ever nearing burn-out
You'll come to understand the realities behind the term Effortless Prosperity. You’ll unleash the power of “The Reach, The Funnel, and The Spillover.” You’ll gain insights into the simplicity of “Pumps vs. Drains Technology,” and you’ll learn to uncomplicate human behavior so your power of influence becomes a simple vehicle for driving others to “yes.”

Each month the lessons will stack upon the learning of previous months to ensure, over the course of 12 months, momentous growth.
Here's what you'll throw away... forever:
  • Conventional Goal Setting exercises that leave you frustrated and unfulfilled (when you learn about milestones and creative tension goals are trade for certain outcomes)
  • Tired patient relationships that become a chore in order to generate income (you’ll choose who you invest time in an be rewarded appropriately for the time you invest)
  • A ceiling on your potential and your income (it really does become limitless)
  • A distaste for "selling" (you’ll learn to persuade effortlessly without ever feeling as if you’re selling)

What else will you learn?
It isn’t possible to outline the true power of the course and the volume of material until you experience it, but here’s a small glimpse of what the Be Better Project delivers:
  • A simple three-part business operation system that leaves you in control of ongoing growth
  • The ability to generate new business without pause or hesitation
  • Thrilling interaction with new patients and colleagues pushing you forward with unprecedented momentum
  • Power to implement proven revenue streams without risk
  • A power to influence that eliminates any sense of having to "sell"

You'll also learn...
  • How to acquire patients without investing a single hour in free promotion (no more health fairs!)
  • How to literally create and live your own ideal schedule
  • How to accurately determine what your time is worth, and how to get paid in line with that value each and every time
  • How to guarantee thrilling results for every single patient you choose to take on and how to deliver more value than they expect... always
  • Why the accumulation of wealth requires that you DO NOT focus on money
  • How to reprogram your brain and mind to steer you toward your ultimate outcome(s)
  • How to influence people at the deepest emotional levels and never ever feel as if you’re “selling”
  • How to separate “who you are” from “what you do” and optimize the time you spend “working” without ever stepping away from your true passion. Only with an understanding of these intricacies can you truly balance personal life, family life, and a thriving business without conflict
  • An understanding of the Life-cycle of Business and how to avoid the pitfalls that cripple even the most successful entrepreneurs ensuring that you always remain ahead of the curve, operating at your “prime.”
And if that's not enough...
  • How to put together “The Prosperity Puzzle” and remove overwhelm from your business regardless of how quickly and how much you grow
  • How to instantly and easily increase revenues by $1,000 per week, followed by $1,000 per working hour, followed by a decision to write your own paycheck demonstrating a $100,000 – $250,000 annual increase (or more) over the course of the program
  • Learn why conventional goal setting strategies fail most people and how you can create outcomes that come your way in a manner that feels certain and effortless
  • How to step onto a platform that instantly elevates you to a positioning level exceeding that of most 21st century physicians
  • How to command $6,000 - $12,000 per person for a program that isn’t at any level reliant upon insurance reimbursement
  • How to capitalize on the growing awareness of gluten, GMOs, environmental toxins, and chronic disease in a way that establishes you as an in-demand media guest, speaker, and expert
  • You’ll learn how to develop irresistible appeal to the largest mass market in the nation

The bottom line is, if you love helping people and know there’s more juice, more reward, and more joy than you’re presently experiencing, you belong in the Be Better Project!
Questions? Contact us at 888-600-6541
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